Corporate Right of Media Freedom Defined

2016 Seminar 1

We are happy consumers of what the corporations want us to read, listen and watch.

2016 Seminar 2

Corporations provide cheap quality entertainment and propaganda in large quantities for docile consumers.

2015 Seminar 1

People have the freedom to choose between competing media corporations’ output of news, entertainment, documentaries and political views.

2015 Seminar 2

Public and private media corporations provide pre-selected news, entertainment and knowledge for pacifying consumers and/or pleasing voters.

2014 Seminar 1

Private or public corporations exercise media freedom on behalf of the citizens to provide them with impartial news and quality entertainment.

2014 Seminar 2

Private or public media corporations shall employ professionals to make programming about entertainment, culture, education, religion and politics both internal and external for the citizen-consumers.

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