Liberal Right of Media Freedom Defined

2016 Seminar 1

Men with property can say in the media what they want wherever and whenever without repercussions.

2016 Seminar 2

Liberal media freedom is white citizen-businessmen voicing their opinions about anything, everything and nothing.

2015 Seminar 1

The self-development and collective identity of individual bourgeois citizens is achieved through their participation in the production and distribution of knowledge about the world, markets, politics and society.

2015 Seminar 2

Educated white male property-owners are able freely to express their opinions in order to regulate the marketplace and to manufacture consent from the uneducated majority.

2014 Seminar 1

All white male property-owners are free to publish their views without censorship by either the state or the church as long as the exercise of this right doesn’t infringe upon the political rights of other citizens.

2014 Seminar 2

The right of media freedom is guaranteed to all white male property-owners to enable them to determine the laws regulating the marketplace, including those for the media.

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