McLuhanist Right of Media Freedom Defined

2016 Seminar 1

Media freedom is interacting with everyone else within the global village.

2016 Seminar 2

New media technologies revolutionise how we experience of the world by connecting us all together.

2015 Seminar 1

The shift to participatory politics, culture and society for all is caused by the interconnectivity of new media technologies.

2015 Seminar 2

The changes in sensory experiences from the hot print media of the Gutenberg galaxy to the cool audiovisual culture of the global village will create an interconnected and participatory humanity.

2014 Seminar 1

Freed from mass conformity and national exclusivity by new media technologies, everyone will participate in the communal unity of the global village.

2014 Seminar 2

As our consciousness makes the transition from the printing press to the Net, everyone will become interconnected and communicate with each other within the global village.

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